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Here is the 3 month post op of the previous case. I know it’s considered old school but the FGG sure is predictable. The key is to inform the patient of the possibility of a second procedure to coronally position if need be. I make sure to take a wide enough graft so that I can attempt complete root coverage but still have good apical blood supply to the rest of the graft. I also find that if you take a couple extra minutes to avoid denuding the palate to the bone, patients will often have less pain than with a sctg. The span was extremely large so I harvested a large graft from the palate and ended up cutting it into 3 pieces to ensure the critical areas were addressed. I don’t know what in the world is going on with this #pinhoIe technique. I have heard tons of mixed reviews from skilled doctors. I would love to see what is really going on under the flap when you just shove collagen in there!!! So many great opinions on this case thanks to @drphilwalton @drcarcuac @dr.mohammadalotaibi @dfw.dentalsurgery @skyridgeperio @mcclnwlsy @implantsdc @ddsgerardochacon

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